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£5.50 5-7PM EVERY DAY

bonbon cup  💙  £8.50
grapefruit vodka with apricot and bon bon liqueur, topped with apple juice – sweet, sharp and refreshing
pornstar martini  💙  £7.50
vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and passion fruit liqueur served with a chilled shot of prosecco
elderflower fizz  💙  £7.50
saint germaine elderflower liqueur topped with prosecco – an elegant albert’s sparkler


bakewell fizz  £8.00
amaretto with cherry brandy, topped with prosecco. mr kipling would definitely approve!
lady marmalade  £7.50
procecco with orange and passion fruit liqueur
new york martini  £7.50
vanilla vodka with apple liqueur and apple juice – basically a big apple!
the deep south  £7.50
three strong dark spirits give our twist on a long island iced tea – not for the faint hearted
parma violet  £8.00
portobello road gin shaken with violet syrup, lemon juice and a shot of procecco – an albert’s version of the classic sweeties
english garden margarita  £9.00
tequilla and lime and elderflower, topped with prosecco and cucumber – light and delicate
thai basil mojito  £9.00
classic mojito with an oriental twist
i love coco  £7.50
creamy coconut concoction with malibu, pineapple and banana liqueur over crushed ice
cherry-ade sling  £7.50
a grown-up version of the kids classic fizzy pop. amaretto and cherry liqueur, topped with lemonade and a cherry of course!



the big chief

finlandia vodka, blackberry liqueur, vanilla and raspberries all topped with prosecco. plenty for two or three to share… £22.00




espresso martini  £8.00
finlandia vodka, kahlua and vanilla syrup mixed with espresso creating an intense, late night pick-me-up
tiramisu martini  £8.00
amaretto and baileys with a strong shot of coffee shaken with double cream and garnished with grated chocolate
salted caramel martini  £8.00
a combination of rum, caramel and salt shaken together to create a rich and creamy delight topped with crumbled amaretti biscuits. perfect for an after dinner treat


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